2013 Affordable Travel Destinations

Perhaps, most of us think that travelling would cost a fortune. We often think that in order for us to go out of town, we have to save up thousands of dollars. But we don’t really need that much. You can still find amazing destinations even with your tight budget. Here are 4 of the best places in the world you can explore without draining your cash bank.

1. Quebec, Canada – This city offers exceptional French architecture and cuisine, almost as stellar as Paris. If you’re visiting the place during winter season, you will witness the annual winter Carnival festival, when horse-drawn sleighs and ice sculptures take over the whole Quebec City. You will also find shops like La Petite Cabane à Sucre de Québec that sells heavenly tasty maple syrup.

2. Lisbon, Portugal – With its buildings adorned with tiles painted in blue flowery intricate designs – or azulejos – Lisbon equates the beauty of many European spots, plus the 30% less for accommodation expenses. Lisbon’s economy is still recovering from the financial crisis, which made lodges and hotels offer great discounts to attract foreign dollars.

3. Roatan, Honduras – Roatan, the Island off the coast of Honduras, is now getting more popular with its ecotourism, zip-lining adventures, and first-class diving sites all available for discount prices. The place offers very low lodging prices compared to high-profile lodging in Caribbean island.

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico – Albuquerque is a town in New Mexico whose nearby airport is just half an hour drive from picturesque parkland. Hotels in the area, such as the Hotel Parq Central and Andaluz, offer affordable rates that are way lesser than the rates offered by properties in major cities of U.S.