Second City 50 Journalist Reports on Global News

Second City News Reports is the brainchild of a group of 50 journalists in Singapore. We aim to provide the most comprehensive and up to date information about news in Singapore as well as globally on second city. Our coverage includes material from education institutes, as we experience different things through exchange programs and learning how other students from academic institutes operate around the world. This increased exposure to journalism around the world, will greatly probe to be extremely useful in the furthering of our endeavors. Through this site, we aim to provide good quality information about academics to our readers. Our content will be solid, coming from college-level students in Singapore.

It is with some interest that this site was created by fifty college students in Singapore, with exposures of different countries and second city. Coupled with the coincidental fact that Singapore Second City is Fifty years old as well, as she has just celebrated her fiftieth year of independence just recently. This journalist site proves to be very sentimental to us, and we aim to provide good quality, readable information for our audience.

Singapore is a metropolitan city, a melting pot of different cultures. Its people are made up of various ethnicities, especially most recently as more people chose Singapore as their homeland for personal and business reasons. Singapore has grown to be one of the most advanced and modern societies in this world today, leaning on a knowledge-based economy to drive its industry. Therefore, education is key in this country. Literacy rates are amongst the highest in the world, giving rise to many educational institutions, both public and private. They produce outstanding workers in this globalized world, where knowledge is key in the workplace. Understanding this, the college landscape in Singapore is vibrant and conducive for students to express their understanding of subjects. Journalism is a very sought-after trade in Singapore as well, commanding one of the highest cut off points to enter such courses at the public colleges.

We look forward to keeping you updated with the best news that we can provide here as undergrads, working adults and post grads in Singapore.

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