Singapore Web Hosting Services for Bloggers

All the resources of a server get shared on a shared web hosting plan in Singapore. Despite their being different web hosting services with different configurations and different pricing, what is common in all shared web hosting plans is sharing of server resources. Hundreds of partitions of single server are used by website owners from Singapore. Talking of partitions, even the operating system, RAM, disc space, CPU and the bandwidth get shared by different website owners. Bandwidth requirements of different websites are obviously different and conveniently managed by division of bandwidth.

Shared web hosting is a web hosting plan that suits the interest and requirements of bloggers and website owners that have light content on the site. By content I mean there are no HD videos, audio files and other flash based files to make it mandatory to have very heavy disc space and very high bandwidth in Singapore. The same facilities that were earlier available for website owners when they opted for premium web hosting Singapore plans are today available with shared web hosting. The features like unlimited bandwidth, email accounts etc that were only available with expensive web hosting plans are today available with shared hoisting at below $10 per month.

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