What We Can Learn From Trump and Buffett

Some of the brightest men in America’s business arena are Donald Trump and Warren Buffett. These two business magnates share interesting success stores centred on satisfaction, perseverance and philanthropy.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the owner of the Trump Organization, his $10 billion company. In fact, Forbes estimates his personal net worth to be at $3.1 billion. As a business tycoon, however, Trump has not always had the upper hand.

1991 was not much of a prosperous year for Trump as everything seemed to be crashing down. He had a debt worth $5 billion, and 20% of which was personal liability. However, he managed to cope with those challenges and was able to bounce back from such bleak period. He reorganized his companies, simplified and prioritized his brand. In spite of fleeting wealth, he didn’t stop giving to charity. He was always active in working with several charities with the aim of improving people’s lives.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is known as America’s second wealthiest man. He is the CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, America’s seventh largest corporation. While Buffett is enormously successful and affluent, he always places much emphasis on the importance of having self-value. For him, you don’t have energy if you don’t have passion, and if you have no energy, you got nothing.

For Buffett, passion is what drives people to reach success in life. Passion is also what ignited his love for charity. Back in 2006, he solemnly committed ten million shares of the stock of his company to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This charitable donation is the largest ever. He also initiated the Giving Pledge, which hearten rich individuals to donate at least a portion of their wealth to charity for the rest of their lives.